About Us

BCS Technology is an award-winning global IT Professional Services company focused on delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions that meet the increasing technology demands of companies across the globe in various industries such as aviation, banking, health, education and media.

Our team consists of over 250 skilled resources - spread across our delivery centers in Australia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore and Canada - a combination of business oriented professionals and technical gurus who understand technology today and where it is heading. Our experienced consultants deliver IT solutions that increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

BCS Technology has a competitive pricing model which enables us to deliver end-to-end IT solutions to clients at an optimal cost. We act as a true partner to our customers in sharing their vision, business goals and objectives.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best possible solutions at the earliest possible time. With the highest level of service and the delivery of quality products and services, we aim to assist our customers in their growth and continuous improvement.

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Our Vision

At BCS, we understand the way industries evolve into making the future bigger, brighter, and more economic for the human population. We want to ensure that companies are able to thrive in this revolutionary environment as forefront leaders of technology across business strategy and operations.

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