BCS Technology Contributes to
Corda Opensource

BCS Technology has made an acclaimed contribution to the Corda community, a blockchain and smart contract platform that was developed by R3. Corda, in collaboration with over 200 technology and industry partners, allows parties to transact directly and enable partners to participate in building the open source blockchain platform that will underpin modern commerce in a multitude of ways.

Corda Distributed Applications (CorDapps) serves as a platform for developers to design and deliver applications on a single node instead of working on a network. Through the CorDapp, BCS Technology was able to impart its knowledge and skills to the global development community by developing the negotiation-cordapp. This new addition illustrates how the Corda ledger is able to manage a multi- party negotiation in the absence of an API.

This engagement provided docker support for CorDapp on corda version 3.1 and is now added to the growing list of Corda samples that is accessible to its users showing yet another approach on how organizations can utilize this technology. Through this development, more institutions are now able to realize the full potential of Blockchain in business operations.

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