Leading A Better Future

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program focuses on providing a better future for the generations to come by making a sustainable difference in the long-term vibrancy and vitality of people and communities around the world.

Our Society

BCS has built a strong partnership with non-discriminatory, non-profit, local organizations to achieve our vision of bridging society’s gap caused by poverty. Through our efforts to build a better community, we hope to break social, societal, and economic barriers.

The Youth

Education plays a vital role in helping the youth realize their potential and their impact in society. Our outreach programme encourages the youth to improve their knowledge and skills through various activities prepared by our volunteers.

Our Planet

We take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our business operations. BCS is commited to helping our planet by creating sustainable headquarters that strive to maximize it’s capability to implement environment-friendly practices.

Our Initiatives

Taal Outreach 2019

The Taal Volcanic Eruption struck large parts of the Batangas province disrupting the lives of many residents in the area. With little to no resources and no livelihood to rebuild their homes and provide for their families, they needed urgent assistance to help them get through the coming days following the calamity.

BCS partnered with Sharing Love PH to deliver food and emergency supplies to aid the members from their current situation.

Dumagat Outreach 2019

The Dumagat Tribe is an indigenous group in Luzon, Philippines whose members are amongst those who don’t have access to electricity, medicines, and proper living conditions.

With the effort of our volunteers and the support of the members, we were able to raise funds to provide the basic necessities for the community. As we continue helping families thrive, we are humbled to share in the experience that the Dumagat tribe has imparted during out outreach.

Gentle Hands Outreach 2019

Gentle Hands is a child and youth welfare agency working on the front line of rescue and rehabilitation of the medical, social, psychological, and educational needs of at-risk children who are battling different challenges in their early stages of life. They provide family-style care and offer special services for children who have experienced trauma in hopes to give them a brighter future ahead.

BCS Technology volunteers were eager to extend their support by donating food, books, and other materials that would help these kids live the life they deserved. Our employees also volunteered to visit these kids to encourage them to play, learn, and be the best that they can be.