The Big Data Issue

Bigger is not always better, and Big Data comes with 3 main challenges.

  • Storing
  • Storing data is fine. Storing Big Data causes headaches. Not only do you need massive amounts of space for the data coming into your company, but you need massive amounts of money for this storage solution.

  • Processing
  • In this case, bigger is not better. Wading through data to find the answer you’re looking for can quite the task if your technology is not scalable or up to scratch. This is also expensive and it ensures that your company is not able to fulfil its potential.

  • Management
  • The last thing you want your IT team doing is spending most of their time managing your data. Their skills are better used analysing and utilising your insights, rather than organising, stacking, and ensuring that your data warehouses work.

The Big Data Solution

Fortunately, there have been exceptional advances in data management over the last few years. Technologies like Azure and Hadoop enable storage of large amounts of data, making it more efficient and accessible. This is the new frontier in data management. Not only do these systems allow for better storage, they ensure that your processes are applied and delivered in the most effective manner possible and that your management is delegated only to the tasks they need to do, rather than the ones they are forced to oversee by necessity alone.

With better data management, the exponential cost of Big Data can be significantly reduced. This is because:

  • Less time is required to process and analyse data.
  • Data is better secured via central management and efficient distribution.
  • Data results are more accurate as all copies are more visible, and more easily scalable, than ever before.

Essentially, you have streamlined your data management and in doing so have been able to streamline your budget. Bigger is not always better – bigger costs are a big headache, and smarter data management approaches not only allow for Big Data to be more effectively used and stored. It also ensures that your insights are more easily recovered, your IT staff are focused on relevant and actionable tasks…and you can benefit with around 90% in cost savings.

The Big Data Solution

When it comes to enterprise-scale Big Data management and analytics, scalable storage is key to saving both time and money. Technologies like Hadoop spread massive data sets across low-cost commodity hardware so that your company can scale easily and reduce costs dramatically. The technology requirements for Big Data have seen a shift in recent years, moving them into Azure and Hadoop. Traditional database approaches simply cannot scale or write data fast enough to keep up with its creation, and while a data warehouse can handle structured data, the cost of scaling this data is significant and inefficient.

The cost of operation management and integration is massive too. Hidden costs, complex barriers, and data that requires significant efforts to read…all these things can sink a company. The low-cost scalability of Hadoop costs a fraction of enterprise data warehouses, and running this data on Azure offers more dynamic and delegated deliverables in order to see your company function more efficiently than ever before. The ability to compress data at a granular level reduces storage requirements and simplifies infrastructure, making it less complex, and less costly, to run and work with.

Take a good look at the cost of your Big Data and consider what has been proven by advancements in technology. We have seen scalable, saleable, more cost-effective technologies come forth to help businesses manage both the cost and efficiency of their data warehouses. Innovation is the way forward, and by moving with these new technologies you can go forward with a better budget and a greater hold over your own strategies.

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