Big Data needs big spaces

With practically everything in the world being measured and monitored, data is created at a rate far quicker than available technologies can store. As a result, many companies are struggling to store big data, and the size of organisational universes can be ten times larger than it was just five years ago. As a result, businesses must find smarter, more dynamic ways to manage their data.

Rapid advancements in cloud computing have allowed for companies to create new capabilities, insights, and efficiencies that transform the way they deliver products and services. A defining characteristic of cloud computing is its elasticity. This technology can quickly provide and release resources to match workload requirements, enabling both efficiency and effective delivery. This in-time technology saves customers money and time, especially when workloads are intermittent.

Readily Available Scaling

The Azure SQL Data warehouse has fantastic general availability and delivers data warehousing through true cloud elasticity. Hadoop also allows companies to parallelize their data across low-cost commodity hardware to scale and dramatic cost reductions. Thanks to these advancements, we have access to cheaper, faster, more elastic data. As a fully managed service, just a few clicks on the portal could see you launch a data warehouse and begin analysing and querying hundreds of terabytes of data.

For years, data warehouses have been operating across limited storage and configuration units. Cloud architecture forces a shift in these methods, allowing companies to decouple their storage and compute to allow for independent, immediate scalability. This is an expensive way to use big data and a method that sees customer insights behind time rather than ahead of it.

Not only are these options readily available and easy to use, but they also integrate seamlessly with components of preexisting suites and tools involved in your business for data integration pipelines, predictive analysis, data insights, and big data analytics. This removes the pain associated with administration, management, and manual patching of data warehouses and paves the way for better, faster, more actionable analyses of customer insight and big data.

Multidimensional elasticity

Most cloud databases and data warehouses offer provisioned and fixed storage and compute resources. Resizing these resources typically compromises the availability and performance of your data and queries, meaning that you end up with over-provisioned, underutilised, expensive resources that cannot handle sudden spikes in workload.

Azure, on the other hand, offers a uniquely elastic technology that can decouple storage and compute, enabling each layer to become independently scalable at the touch of a button. This instant growth makes it possible to provision one or more data warehouses in a matter of moments, followed by independently scaled users, data, and workloads to match the increased demand. of your customers.

Expanding Data for Pinpoint Focus

Elastic scaling makes it possible to load and query data at the same time, allowing each user to access the just resources they need for their workload without contention and with minimal impact to production queries. The benefit of this is that your company is then able to focus on driving their analytics and retrieving the value from data, rather than focusing on protecting and managing data. The cloud allows you to scale without limit, while multidimensional elasticity ensures that your data is safe, useable, and unhindered by other productions occurring within your organisation.

Expanding Data for Pinpoint Focus

Azure SQL Data Warehouses deliver built-in auditing and threat detection, along with advanced machine learning capable of learning to detect abnormalities in your system and alert you of potential security issues before it is too late. Transparent data encryption protects even your rested data, and Azure offers finer-granularity permissions that allow you to control the operations a user can run from your business. This feature protects your data by ensuring only the right people have access to the right tools and insights – a capability that is critical when it comes to security-sensitive data at the core of enterprise growth.

If you’re ready to present the best information at the best time to your consumers and company, then you need a platform that is capable of doing it. Thousands of customers use Azure SQL Data Warehouses and experiencing significant performance gains across multi-dimensional, elastic and scalable data warehouses.

Multi-hour queries can be shrunk to half the time, minutes can be turned into seconds, and deployment can be done across the board with the press of a few buttons. What you have is a platform that can crunch and scale your information to present you and your customer with the best data and analytics at the best time.

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