BCS Online Rating Reviews Analytics

BCS source online rating and review data from key ecommerce e-tailers. We utilise leading data engineering methods and techniques to prepare and enhance data sources that are then leveraged in advanced machine learning models. Understanding your customer and competitors performance drivers will increase sales through maximising product innovation opportunities and enhanced targeted brand comms.

Realize the Benefits

Product Innovation Opportunities

  • 90% of consumers said “listening to customers” is the most important way companies can fuel innovation
  • Understand what drives products (and competitor) performance, with early anticipation for any necessary adjustments.

Enhanced Targeted Brand Comms

  • Revitalize brand communications strategy to craft more memorable brand experience for your customers

  • Enhanced packaging & product claims to address consumer preferences & alleviate any concerns

Competitor Intelligence

  • Utilize insights to benchmark and understand product performance against competitors or the product category.

Drive Efficiencies & Grow

  • Save and optimize resources – BCS are experts in intensive data access, preparation, interrogation, and analytics. Reliable, trusted actionable insights for real change.


Customer Engagement

We partner with you to understand key hypothesis, brands, retailers, and competitors for exploration. We explore existing data sets to be included to derive deeper customer and competitor insights that can drive action!

BCS Source and Provide The Data

BCS have an automated solution for data collections from online reviews from many leading FMCG e-tailers. Over 25 product categories are captured to date with over 300,000 Australian customer reviews and growing daily!

Raw Data Processed Into Usable Format

Unique coding is applied; removing unwanted text (ie emojis, conjunction, punctuation). We then apply custom category segmentations and any required product attributions.

Multi Machine Learning Models Applied

Leading ML models are based on four key areas of analytics:

  • NPS Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Emotion Analysis
  • Topic Analysis

Interactive Dashboard in Power BI

Syndicated and customised interactive dashboards including alerts provides users with easy access to brand insights fast! Enabling timely and informed decisions across the team and boarder organisation.

Insights at your fingertips with Power BI

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