BCS in Training

BCS Technology strives to achieve organizational targets
by cultivating the workspace environment through various
training activities that mold individuals to strong team players.
Through our managed training services, we are able to provide
a proactive monitoring of labour market measures, responsibilities
and governance in order to diagnose areas that can be improved.

BCS Technology drives success by building a strong organizational
foundation developed through real and sustained growth
geared towards a bigger, brighter future.
Value Proposition
Technology Adaption


Too often, IT companies deliver services that customers do not understand.

BCS Training Services provides leading trainers that enable your staff to master new technology and drive up rates of adoption.


We believe that your workforce has the potential to deliver great results – as long as they are fully enabled.

BCS Training Services is the ICT industry leader in enabling staff with technology capability.

Investment on Employees


We maximise your Return on Investment through greater Adoption and Enablement.

BCS Training Services drives greater productivity and collaboration in your workforce.

Driving ROI for your Business

  • Managed Services
  • IT Learning Solution
  • Customized and Onsite Training
  • Course Development

We plan, implement, and manage even the most comprehensive qualification projects. Our range of services comprises analyzing qualification needs, conducting pre-assessments, developing and carrying out training plans, managing and monitoring certification projects, developing curricula and content, and scheduling. We also handle logistics, roll out comprehensive qualification measures on any scale up to worldwide, and perform quality control, reporting, and post-assessments.

We have developed well proven tools that offer optimal support to your qualification and certification projects. These tools include our Learning Center with numerous self-check assessments that can help to identify your current knowledge level, our CertiTool - a partner portal to manage your certifications and skills as well as the IT Learning Solution and Fast Lane Community Site including discussion forums and technical updates.

Our coaches are happy to tailor courses and curricula to suit your company's circumstances, goals and requirements as well as participants' prior knowledge and skills. If desired, classes can focus on special subjects that are critical to your company or incorporate examples that are specifically related to your enterprise. Be it a standard course, highly specialized technology training, or a workshop designed especially for your company, our experts will conduct every type of training session on site at your company's premises.

IT infrastructures are growing ever more complex, requiring ever more specialized knowledge. Often the right IT training is just not available on the market. We develop courses covering key future technologies with content tailored to suit the needs of manufacturers, partners, and end-users.

We have deep capability across a wide range of leading technologies.

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We provide a full suite of consulting and technical support to shorten time to market, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams.