BCS in Healthcare

BCS Technology provides world class business solutions
to the healthcare industry by delivering a wide array of
services to support operational needs. Our team of IT
professionals develop cutting- edge solutions that combine
modern software, innovative networking options, and solid
infrastructure to drive healthcare's best practices for an
improved clinical efficiency, streamlined business office
operations, and an enhanced patient experience.


Unparalleled Expertise in the
Healthcare Domain

We have delivered cutting edge solutions that have provided
organisations the support that they need in managing health
information, operations, communication, and dashboard capabilities.

Provides a Holistic Provision
of Services

We are technology agnostic and have expertise across
all programming languages, enabling us to present a wide
array of solutions and strategies that are best suited
to our customers.

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Healthcare Solutions

Whether advancing toward a big-picture vision or delivering meaningful experiences to a single individual, our experience and research initiatives have resulted in outstanding domain knowledge and implementations in the Healthcare industry IT standards

IT Consultation

Our IT professionals will assess your IT infrastructure, policies, processes and critical IT performance indicators and how they support your overall IT strategy.

Application Development

Enhance the way you operate your business. Discover the value of better system applications, communications tools, data analytics, business intelligence, and custom applications.

Application Support

Acquire support for your most critical EHR systems including Application architecture support, and clinical and non- clinical application platforms

Staff Augmentation

Deliver a better level of patient
care with hands- on support from
IT professionals available anytime,

Healthcare Applications

Website Application

Expertise across all programming languages, platforms and methodology which enables us to present solutions that are best suited for our customers.

Data Capturing Application

Valuable insights are obtained via data measured and acquired automatically from machines and applications.

Reports Application

Generate custom reports to gain valuable insights and monitor the health of your IT performance using real-time and customizable dashboards.

Automated Recruitment Application

Tracks the employment status and performance updates of each employee together with their information details.

Mobile Responsive Web Application

Captures the patient’s response on a set of standardized self- rated health questions that gauges their overall wellbeing

Ward Governance and Ward Metadata App

Monitor multiple areas and facilities from a central location with message notification features to clinicians, family members, and ancillary services such as patient transportation

Ecommerce Analytics

BCS discusses Blockchain Technology
at the Health Metrics Conference
in Australia

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We provide a full suite of consulting and technical support to shorten time to market, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams.