SAS Viya Available on the Cloud Through SaasNow

by BCS TECHNOLOGY / OCT. 25, 2017

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SYDNEY, Oct. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BCS Technology, a global IT professional services company providing end to end solutions in big data and analytics have expanded their services through SAS, the global leader in analytics and their release of SAS Viya on the SaasNow cloud application.

Companies today realise the advantages of harnessing big data although many are focusing attention on getting the architecture right and less on the analytics. The need to find one solution to handle all requirements leads to the use of different platforms and tools where common challenges such as high costs, lack of scalability, lack of portability, and lack of flexibility arise.

With the introduction of SaasNow, no matter how small or large the problem is, companies can start their analytics journey from experimentation all the way to the implementation of an end to end big data ecosystem without difficulty.

Operating on SaasNow, SAS Viya the cloud platform, provides an environment that enables users to configure, implement, manage and explore their data, and gain the ability to deploy bigger and better cloud solutions with increased flexibility and scalability. SAS Viya complements existing SAS products and is run on the cloud where multiple users with different skill levels can collaborate, reducing the complexity in scaling across multiple clouds without it impacting performance.

The partnership between SaasNow and BCS Technology opens opportunities to companies in the ANZ and SEA regions where they now have access to the SaasNow cloud solution, maximising the use and flexibility of SAS products.

Additionally, as a preferred partner of SAS, BCS Technology have engaged in resell and implementation services for all SAS solutions. With their expertise, their services now expand over the suite SAS solutions in the SaasNow Cloud infrastructure, offering ease in exploration of insights for companies that lack IT infrastructure and skilled resources.

"Many companies underestimate infrastructure and resource requirements to implement a live analytics environment," says Richard Parhusip, BCS Technology's Commercial Director. "SaasNow eliminates this problem, giving individuals the power to process any analytic models in a work- ready environment within 30 minutes of setup by BCS."

"Our partnership with BCS Technology enables our clients to explore their analytic capabilities, quickly transforming data into effective business decisions," says Dermot McCutcheon, Alliances & Channels Director at SAS ANZ. "Organisations looking to explore analytics and get started quickly with low cost now can. Constant changes in the market force organisations to be more dynamic and in turn, have increasing flexibility in their technological, and data landscape that SAS products and the SaasNow environment is made for."

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